02 Dec 2017

We hear a couple common questions from prospective and current patients. Below, you will find three of our most common questions with answers!

  1. What are your hours for appointments? This is a complicated question to explain quickly because our hours vary from day to day. However, they do usually stay the same week to week unless a holiday or another event. See below for a condensed explanation! (Daily hours reflect the times that appointments can be scheduled for)
  2. How much does physical therapy cost? This differs on a case to case, insurance to insurance basis. Most insurances provide some coverage. When completing physical therapy, we will bill the insurance company. They send us back the amount that the patient will owe themselves. Some insurances do require co-pays or co-insurance. It does take some inquiry to find out the amount of responsibility exactly, which we do when an Initial Evaluation is scheduled. The best way to get  answers is to ask the ladies in the front office!   
  3. How much time will my visits take up? Depending on the injury and situation, visits can last form 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours. Upper-body injuries generally last around 1 1/2-2 hours while lower-body injuries are usually around 2 hours. However, we do pride ourselves in knowing that we utilize every minute to work towards strengthening and healing!

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